Tonya Todd

Tonya Todd

Author | Actress | Activist ~ Fairy Queen ~Sapiosexual | Cinephile Writing Linguistic Sensuality (she/her) Repped by @askamycollins & @OpaqueMgt UK

Appears in 13 Episodes

Femme on TV: The women of The Last of Us

Ria leads a discussion with Alyson, Tonya and special guest Michelle Yang about the women of HBO's The Last of Us. They discuss the naunced female characters, all who ...

Active Activism with Marta Kauffman

Tonya speaks Active Activism with Marta KauffmanMarta Kauffman is an American television writer and producer. She is best known as the co-creator of the NBC sitcom Fri...

Ria's questions: What is the best bit of the butt?

The Collective discuss butts. Bums. Bottoms. Arses. Asses. BUTTS. And the best bit of them. And remember - consensual butt touching is sexy. Non-consensual butt touchi...

Ria's questions: What is your favourite letter of the alphabet

The alphabet is awesome. In this episode, the Collective discuss letters. This is a totally normal question. As is getting excited by letters.

Active Activism: Erica Vital-Lazare

Erica Vital-Lazare is a professor of creative writing and Marginalized Voices in Dystopian Literature at the College of Southern Nevada. As a recipient of grants and a...

Femme on Fitness: Martha Engber

Martha Engber lives an exciting double life as a fitness guru by day and author by night. Her creativity is tied to movement, the reason she unintentionally extended h...

Ria's questions: adding sugar to cereal

Ria asks: "When you were a kid did you add sugar to every cereal you ate, if so, which sugar?". The gang unexpectedly segue into a discussion about alcohol and alcopop...

Active Activism: Sarah O'Connell

Tonya speaks Active Activism with Artistic Director Sarah O'ConnellSarah's Twitter and Instagram: @eatmoreart - Eat More Art Website:

Femme on TV: Wednesday

Tonya Todd (host of Active Activism and Femme on Fitness) and Alyson Shelton (host of Fine Cut) talk about the highs and lows (let's be honest it's mostly highs), of t...

Ria's questions: What is the worst texture you've eaten?

This month's question: what is the worst texture you've eaten?

Trailer: Active Activism

Tonya explains her new show, Active Activism.

Trailer: Femme on Fitness

Find out more about Tonya's show, Femme on Fitness.

Welcome to the Femme on Collective

Find out what the Femme On Collective is all about. Meet your hosts, Ada, Alyson, Jess, Ria and Tonya, all who will be bringing their unique voices to a variety of sub...

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