The Femme on Show is a podcast collective hosting lively discussions about pop culture and whatever the heck interests us while placing the female gaze front and center. Hosts Ada, Alyson, Jess, Ria and Tonya bring their unique voices to a variety of passions that include books, film, TV, feminism, comics, fitness, activism and so much more. Our channel includes some chats with all of us and specialized ones in our specific areas of interest. It's a cornucopia of ideas with what we hope is some levity and community thrown in. The Femme on Collective is a safe and welcoming space for everyone. Come join us.

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Femme on Film: Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Femme on Film is back! In this new episode, Ria, her Femme on co-hosts Alyson and Tonya and brand new guests Suzan Aiken and Wendy Wimmer discuss Joe Wright's 2005 Pri...

Fine Cut with Alyson: L.L. Kirchner

Alyson and L.L. (Lisa) Kirchner (award-winning screenwriter and author. Her next book, Blissful Thinking: A Memoir of Overcoming the Wellness Revolution, will be out w...

Femme on Creatives: Dr Ingrid Clayton

Alyson and Ingrid talk about her book, Believing Me: Healing from Narcissistic Abuse and Complex Trauma and her journey on social media and how finding herself reflect...

Poetry Theatre: Rosie Accola

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