Tonya Todd

Author and actress Tonya Todd plunged into Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World, young enough to immerse herself in bright lights, big city, and bigger dreams. Tonya is invested in Own Voices writing and diverse representation in both the literary and cinematic worlds she inhabits. During her four years on the board of Henderson Writers Group, Tonya spearheaded education for authors at all levels. Her involvement in the literary, theatre, and filmmaking communities provides a platform to champion marginalized artists and contributes toward an environment that embraces a variety of voices.

To connect with Tonya, follow her social media , check her IMDb page, or attend one of her classes at the 2023 Atlanta Writer’s Conference.

Ada McCartney

My work lives in the intersections of poetry, community theatre, and teaching to transgress (s/o b.h.). I host Poetry Theatre, a podcast by the Femme On Collective. For collaboration and work opportunities, get in touch. Want to read me? Download a Free Copy of my chapbook cunt poems here.

Alyson Shelton

Alyson Shelton writes about women across mediums and genres. She’s written about a superpowered and multi-faceted heroine in her comic Reburn, and uncovering childhood secrets in Eve of Understanding, the award winning feature she wrote and directed. In her award winning screenplay, The Night We Met, she tackles a psychological thriller through fractured realities and self-invention. She is working on a memoir in essays and her writing has been published widely at outlets including The New York Times, Ms., The Rumpus and more. Her generalist knowledge and approach make her the perfect fit for her podcast, Fine Cut, in which she and a guest take a deep dive into one scene of the guest’s choosing. You can learn more about her through her website, and her on Instagram @byalysonshelton where she hosts a weekly Instagram Live series inspired by George Ella Lyon’s poem, Where I’m From, where she’s hosted over 100 writers and creatives.

Jess Davies

Jess Davies is a writer and blogger who launched her blog 600 Words on Life in December 2020. She has since invited fellow creatives to share their stories and poems to the blog, hoping to build a community of shared experiences and stories that represent the diversity of being human. Jess is passionate about storytelling, believing stories can have a profound impact on the lives of others. Currently working on her first novel, Jess will often be overheard discussing issues such as fat activism, diet culture and the realities of sex and modern day relationships. Jess has previously appeared as a guest on podcasts including Femme on Film and Comics in Motion.

Ria Carrogan

Ria wanted an excuse to spend more time with amazing women so created the Femme on Collective. She is the Femme on Collective producer, host of Femme on Film, Femme on TV and co-host of Heart and Vaginas. She asks a lot of questions, check out Ria’s questions to see just a small selection of the questions she’s asked. All Femme on artwork has been created by Ria. She is a feminist and thinks that smashing the patriarchy will make a better world for everyone. She is a gamer and film geek and would like to quit working to spend her time drawing, gaming and catching up on all the films, TV shows, comics and books she’s missed out on over the last few years. Ria has appeared on multiple podcasts and is one of the Disney Discussion quartet which appears on Comics in Motion, Genuine Chit-Chat and Spider-Dan and the Secret Bores podcasts. She is also a Pop Guerrilla, a podcast where they review anything from pop culture in less time than it takes to listen to a song. Follow Ria on instagram @riacarrogan

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