Jess Davies

Jess Davies

Appears in 8 Episodes

Ria's questions: What is the best bit of the butt?

The Collective discuss butts. Bums. Bottoms. Arses. Asses. BUTTS. And the best bit of them. And remember - consensual butt touching is sexy. Non-consensual butt touchi...

Literature for Life: When Breath Becomes Air

Jess speaks to journalist and producer Kitty Busz about When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. Kitty explains where she was in her life when she first read this bo...

Ria's questions: What is your favourite letter of the alphabet

The alphabet is awesome. In this episode, the Collective discuss letters. This is a totally normal question. As is getting excited by letters.

Literature for Life: Death and the King's Horseman

The first episode for Literature for Life has Jess talking with junior doctor Krista Bose about the play Death and the King’s Horsemen. We talk about death, tradition,...

Ria's questions: adding sugar to cereal

Ria asks: "When you were a kid did you add sugar to every cereal you ate, if so, which sugar?". The gang unexpectedly segue into a discussion about alcohol and alcopop...

Ria's questions: What is the worst texture you've eaten?

This month's question: what is the worst texture you've eaten?

Trailer: Literature for Life

Jess explains how in each episode of Literature for Life she will speak to a guest about a story they have chosen and want to talk about.

Welcome to the Femme on Collective

Find out what the Femme On Collective is all about. Meet your hosts, Ada, Alyson, Jess, Ria and Tonya, all who will be bringing their unique voices to a variety of sub...

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