Ada McCartney

Ada McCartney

poet, artist, cat loverplanting seeds, nurturing treescollaborating with Wisdom Body Collectiveteaching @sienaheights@kcollege and @naropau alum

Appears in 12 Episodes

Femme on TV: Dickinson season three

Ada, Ria, Tony Farina and Amy Bobeda gather in the Dickinsons front room to discuss the final season of AppleTV's Dickinson. They discuss Emily's place amongst war poe...

Poetry Theatre: Emily Stoddard

Emily's Website: Order Divination With a Human Heart Attached: On Twitter:

Ria's questions: What is the best bit of the butt?

The Collective discuss butts. Bums. Bottoms. Arses. Asses. BUTTS. And the best bit of them. And remember - consensual butt touching is sexy. Non-consensual butt touchi...

Ria's questions: What is your favourite letter of the alphabet

The alphabet is awesome. In this episode, the Collective discuss letters. This is a totally normal question. As is getting excited by letters.

Femme on TV: Dickinson season two

Ria and Ada get back together to discuss Dickinson season two. Find Ria @riacarrogan on InstagramFind Ada @aa_mccartney on Instagram and visit her website: https://aa-...

Poetry Theatre: Swanee Astrid

More of Swanee's Work: Order Valkyrie Poetics:   Connect with...

Ria's questions: adding sugar to cereal

Ria asks: "When you were a kid did you add sugar to every cereal you ate, if so, which sugar?". The gang unexpectedly segue into a discussion about alcohol and alcopop...

Poetry Theatre: Amy Bobeda

Order Red Memory: What Bird Are You: Find More of Amy's Wor...

Trailer: Poetry Theatre

Find out about Ada's amazing show, Poetry Theatre.

Femme on TV: Dickinson

Join Ria and Ada as they delve into the first season of Dickinson.Released in 2019 on Apple TV+, Dickinson is an Emily Dickinson coming-of-age story, focusing on Emily...

Ria's questions: What is the worst texture you've eaten?

This month's question: what is the worst texture you've eaten?

Welcome to the Femme on Collective

Find out what the Femme On Collective is all about. Meet your hosts, Ada, Alyson, Jess, Ria and Tonya, all who will be bringing their unique voices to a variety of sub...

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