Fine Cut with Alyson: Krista Schafer

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Fine Cut with Krista Schafer

Alyson and Krista Schafer (Founding Artistic Director of Open Book Theatre Company) discuss the opening scene of the theater workplace comedy, Slings and Arrows. In it, the main character, Geoffrey Tennant (Paul Gross) plunges the toilet in the small theater bathroom while his stage manager details all the unpaid bills. Krista first watched this scene before founding Open Book and didn’t realize then how important bathrooms really are! The scene works on a metaphorical and literal level and Krista and Alyson talk about both. What do each of us do–i.e. what kind of metaphorical shit do we wade through to work and create? It’s a lively discussion. Join us!

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Alyson Shelton (she/her)
Alyson Shelton (she/her)
Alyson Shelton writes about women across mediums + genres. She’s written about a superpowered and multi-faceted heroine in her comic Reburn, and uncovering childhood secrets in Eve of Understanding, the award winning feature she wrote and directed. In her award winning screenplay, The Night We Met, she tackles a psychological thriller through fractured realities and self-invention. She is working on a memoir in essays and her writing has been published widely at outlets including The New York Times, Ms., The Rumpus and more. Her generalist knowledge and approach make her the perfect fit for her podcast, Fine Cut, in which she and a guest take a deep dive into one scene of the guest’s choosing. You can learn more about her through her website, and her Instagram @byalysonshelton where she hosts a weekly Instagram Live series inspired by George Ella Lyon’s poem, Where I’m From, where she’s hosted over 100 writers and creatives.
Fine Cut with Alyson: Krista Schafer
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