Femme on Film: Drop Dead Gorgeous

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This episode was first published on the Comics in Motion Network on 19 December 2021. Thank you Comics in Motion, you rock!

Welcome to Femme on Film where host Ria Carrogan and a guest chat about films made for women, about women, by women… just awesome lady folk (and those who identify as awesome lady folk) content that has often been unfairly maligned, misunderstood by critics, and are often way ahead of their time and need a revisit. This is a place to discuss all of this, and more!

This episode, Ria and Jess discuss the 1999 film Drop Dead Gorgeous. They discuss representations of young women in beauty pageants, the difficulties of finding the right tone with satire and the absence of bras in the late 90s and early 2000s.

Please be warned, Ria and Jess talk about disordered eating and eating disorders in this episode.

You can find out more about Jess at 600 words on life https://www.sixhundredwordsonlife.com/ and @600wordonlife on Instagram. She also @jess_bdavies on Instagram.

Get in touch if there is a film you want to talk about!

Intro and outro music: Say You Will by Shane Ivers - https://www.silvermansound.com

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Ria Carrogan (she/her)
Ria Carrogan (she/her)
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Femme on Film: Drop Dead Gorgeous
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