Femme on Creatives: Misako Rocks!

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It's time for another Femme On/Indie Comic Spotlight crossover episode! Ria and Tony Farina meet and speak with the INCREDIBLE Misako Rocks! Misako shares her creative story, and they discuss her new comic, No Such Thing as Perfect.

As expected, Ria gets a little giddy speaking with Misako, who brings absolutely joy to this episode.

No Such Thing as Perfect is Misako Rocks! second graphic novel in her Bounce Back series which School Library Journal says "hits all the middle school sweet spots—friendship struggles, bullying, popularity, and awkward crushes."

NO SUCH THING AS PERFECT is kid-friendly manga (ages 9-13) about a girl working to stop comparing herself to her sister and others. The main character is based on both Misako's manga students, who struggle with perfectionism, and Misako herself, who grew up in the shadow of a brother who was better at everything. In the book, Emma can’t help comparing herself but eventually realizes that there’s no such thing as "perfect"—and it feels better to be true to herself, instead of trying to please others.

Follow Misako on Instagram: @misakorocks and find out more on her website: https://www.misakorocks.com/

As always, follow the legend that is Tony Farina on Instagram: @a.r.farina and find out more about Tony on his website: https://www.arfarina.com/

And you know what? Christmas is coming up, so why not buy Misako's amazing books for the kids in your life, and buy Tony's first book in a series of Jane Austen reimaginings Welcome to Mansfield.

Once again, thank you so much for listening. The greatest joy of Femme On is speaking with smart, creative and interesting women and we hope that you enjoy it too!

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Ria Carrogan (she/her)
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Femme on Creatives: Misako Rocks!
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