Femme on Creatives: Claire Keane

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Alyson and Claire Keane (artist, illustrator of books including her most recent Little Wonder and visual development artist on films including Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, Tangled and Frozen) talk about finding their creative voices. The conversation takes them through early obstacles, feeling like they had nothing left to say and being ready to give up entirely. And then, what next? Well, that’s what they talk about. How in order to keep creativity flowing and sustainable, engaging with one’s voice (or tapping into the flow) is essential. It’s a fascinating conversation that will resonate with fans and artists creatives. What is it like to create and what’s it like when creating is complicated? Come listen and find out!

Claire’s Twitter and Instagram: @claireonacloud

Alyson’s Twitter and Instagram: @byalysonshelton 
Alyson’s Website: www.alysonshelton.com
Femme on Creatives: Claire Keane
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