The Femme on Show is a podcast collective hosting lively discussions about pop culture and whatever the heck interests us while placing the female gaze front and center. Hosts Ada, Alyson, Jess, Ria and Tonya bring their unique voices to a variety of passions that include books, film, TV, feminism, comics, fitness, activism and so much more. Our channel includes some chats with all of us and specialized ones in our specific areas of interest. It's a cornucopia of ideas with what we hope is some levity and community thrown in. The Femme on Collective is a safe and welcoming space for everyone. Come join us.

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Femme on Film: Drop Dead Gorgeous

This episode was first published on the Comics in Motion Network on 19 December 2021. Thank you Comics in Motion, you rock!Welcome to Femme on Film where host Ria Carr...

Fine Cut with Alyson: Megan Hutchings

Alyson and Megan Hutchings (actress and animal rescue advocate) sit down to talk about a scene from the 2006 Australian movie, Candy, about two people (played by Heath...

Literature for Life and ADHD Cast: Still Life

Our host Jess and friend of the podcast, Tony Farina, sat down to talk about two books they recommended to each other. In part one, Jess and Tony talk about Jess’ reco...

Disney Discussions: a crossover podcast - episode 10 listener picks

Yes! It is another Disney Discussions crossover episode where Femme On co-host Ria gets together with her Disney buddies and discuss all the films within the magic Mou...

Poetry Theatre: Tracey Smith

Ada speaks with Tracey Smith about their poetry origin story.

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